how many machines/electronics did you use today?

I was reading a blog earlier today and the author wrote about how many machines that she used today. The number was a little amazing. I thought I would give it a try

1) clock – looking to see if it is time to wake up or another hour or two
2) alarm – not as long as I thought it was
3) toilet – ok, TMI but it is a simple machine with a lever
4-7) light switches to keep from tripping over stuff other people leave out
8-12) computer, wireless hub, internet connection, servers at office
13) cell phone (multiple times)
14) fridge
15) gridle to heat a tortillia
16) coffee maker
17) remote alarm on car
18) car
19) gate for parking at customer site
20) elevator (multiple times)
21) another car (to pick up my mom for a doctor appt)
22) door bell
23-25) ipod, car radio, fm wireless transmitter
26) computer at library (different from my laptop)
27) card scanner at library
28) do the electronic doors at the library count? I think so to inflate the numbers
29) another computer to do blog entry
30-33) a few more lights around the house
34) microwave to heat up some dinner
35) ice machine a little later
36) dish washer
37) tv to watch the Daily Show and ESPN
38) I just got a phone call
39) I did pull the 2nd car into the garage so it includes the garage opener
40) I went to the bank and made a deposit so the bank computers count
41-43) I made a few purchases today with credit cards. I almost forgot about these.

Ok, my number is 43. Not bad for one day. I will see if I can do the same thing next week. Some of the things that I didn’t do that are typical are the parking garage at work, the elevators at work, the escalator at work, the coffee maker at work, the fridge at work, the network for my laptop at work (but I usually don’t use the library computer), my phone at work.

Wow, this is close to my age. I wonder if there is a corrillary between the number of machines/electronics that you use and your age? Does it go up or down as you get older and at what point does it start to drop. I know that my mom probably only used 10-15 today if you include her hearing aids.