11g data warehousing

internal training video for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
March 13, 2007

Willie Hardie
George Lumpkin
Hermann Beyer

Goal is to provide a single comprehensive platform for DW (data warehouse) and BI (business intelligence). Embed data quality and integration.

New features for 11g

  • manageability
    • partition enhancement
    • tuning
    • optimizers
    • parallel query
    • ASM updates
    • data compression
  • VLDB
  • Performance with cache
  • Data loading
  • New SQL commands
  • OLAP
  • Data mining

Result cache – caches results of queries, query blocks, or function calls. This cache is shared across statements and sessions on server. Significant speed up for read-only and read-mostly data.

Information appliance initiative – preconfigured data warehouse solutions from HP, IBM, Sun, and Dell.

OLAP – make OLAP a standard feature of every data warehouse. Allow any SQL application to leverage OLAP performance. Excellent query performance for ad-hoc queries. Optimized incremental refresh and aggregation. New feature is cube organized materialized views. Fast incremental update and aggregation. Transparent access by SQL based applications. Works with range of tools (OBIEE, BO, Cognos, Hyperion, MicroStrategy).

Data Mining – simplified development and deployment of models. Supermodels, general linear models, multivariate linear regression, logistic regression