Oracle Education 10g Administration I vs 11g Administration I

A year and a half ago I took the 10g Administration I class from Oracle Education. As part of my quarterly education class I signed up for the 11g Administration I class. I was hoping to learn new stuff about 11g and sharpen the saw as my manager puts it. Unfortunately, the material has not substantially changed between versions of the class.

The main differences are in chapters 13, and 18. In the 11g class, Chapter 13 –  Performance Management has been updated to include more about automatic memory management and less talk about SQL Tuning. The chapter on Flashback has been moved into the Administration II class and is not covered in this class. In Chapter 18 – Enhancing Database Capabilities, new features on alerting and incident reporting are detailed. This is all part of the Enterprise Manager Console that comes with 11g. The chapter goes on to detail the use of Metalink, logging service requests, and managing patches. This is important information that is relevant to any database rollout into production.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend attending this class if you have already attended the 10g Administration I class. 90% of the material is the same and the 10% that is different is covered in the Enterprise Manager class. If you have not taken the 10g Administration I class I strongly advise that you take the 11g class even if you are rolling out 10g into production. There really are not any substantial differences in the class. In talking with the instructor, it appears that all of the significant changes have been pushed into the Administration II class which details new features of the 11g database.