an atypical day

Today has been an unusual day. I didn’t have any meetings. I didn’t have any conference calls. I didn’t have anywhere that I was required to be. Very unlike the rest of the week. First, let’s recap the events leading upto today.

 – 6am work out. must start the week out properly
 – 7:45 in office for meeting with team
 – 8:30 meetings start to plan out how to accomplish tasks for the week
 – 11:30 skip out of office and head to customer site
 – 1:00 meeting at customer site, lasts until 2:30
 – 2:30 follow up to meeting, write follow up emails, finish some documentation, do some research
 – 4:30 drive home to make soccer practice for the kids
 – 5:30 soccer practice
 – 7pm dinner
 – 7:30 finish up project on the planet Mercury (3rd grade project)
 – 8:30 start hearding kids to bed
 – 9:30 finished with bedtime, get to read paper, check on email again, watch last quarter of Monday Night Football

 – 6:00 work out. wow, two days back to back
 – 8:30 doctors appointment
 – 10:30 did it really take two hours at the doctor? finished reading book
 – 11:30 customer meeting/event
 – 1:30 event rained out
 – 2:30 research and training, prep demo system
 – 6pm dinner, did we really have dinner two nights in a row? wow.
 – 7pm play games, watch really bad kids tv show
 – 8:30 start hearding kids to bed
 – 9:30 finish with bedtime, check on email again, watch tv show
 – 10:45 read boring technical manuals instead of sleeping pill

 – 7:30 breakfast with the family, unusual event. I’m usually gone by this time
 – 8:00 check email, follow up on correspondance
 – 9:00 customer meeting
 – 11:30 back in office, pick up salad at desk and read email while working
 – 1pm internal meetings to plan customer architecture presentation
 – 4:30 – drive home, tired from all day meetings
 – 6pm – dinner with kids, wife playing soccer
 – 7pm – cub scouts at our house
 – 9pm – finished cleaning up, everyone to bed
 – 10pm – check email, read until time to go to bed

 – breakfast with the family, two days in a row. I will get spoiled if this keeps up.
 – nothing planned. could go to golf tournament, looks like rain. tough to justify “skipping out on work” for tournament.
 – long range planning
 – research
 – prep for presentations next week
 – prep for presentations tomorrow
 – get up to date on expenses, plan training
 – training, playing with demo systems.

 – work out in morning
 – paperwork in office
 – customer meeting and presentation
 – conference call to set next weeks schedule.

total time at customer sites: 11 hours
number of customers visited in person: 7
number of customers contacted via phone and email: 17
number of phone calls with customers: 13
number of internal phone calls: 15
number of emails with customers: 27
number of internal emails: 8
time spent on blogging: 1 hour
time spent on fantasy football: 1 1/2 hours + 5 minutes trash talking

Days like today are rare. I wanted to record what I did in a week so that I could look back and see if this was typical, unusual, productive, or waste of time.